Writhing in Grace

Collin Sherman


Writhing in Grace

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The slow transitions from section to section balance a growing tension with a feeling of grace and lightness. A feeling of being submerged is gradually replaced by a relentless mechanical presence, which is resolved subtly, just as it first appeared.

Based in New York, New York, I create experimental ambient electronic music which deconstructs traditional applications of melody, rhythm and song structure. I have a background in saxophone and clarinet, both of which are used on this piece, as well as electronics. I begin the piece with the natural high tones of the reed instruments to create graceful, floating transitions, which nevertheless leave a lingering dread or foreboding in their wake. As the piece transitions to a lower register over time, a mechanical, almost industrial presence subtly becomes apparent, which grabs the attention of the listener without taking over. The goal is to be calm yet captivating.

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