Violence of Faction

Collin Sherman

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Experimental jazz combining free jazz saxophone and drums with analog synth bass and ambient drones.

Violence of Faction, the tenth release by New York-based musician Collin Sherman, presents experimental jazz that fuses saxophones and hard-swinging rhythms with a variety of electronics and distorted drones.

Like his previous releases, Violence of Faction created with Collin playing every part, overlaying the separate instruments in the studio. This album weaves together intricate melodies, harmonies and solos with saxophones and clarinets, bass lines from rich analog synths, and realistic-sounding drum programming, along with other electronic flourishes and virtual instruments. Collin’s alto saxophone, as his primary instrument, takes the focus in these six compositions, as he plays jagged, aggressive lines that create excitement throughout.

Free improvisation is a search for truth and transcendental beauty. Although free jazz is a primary influence on Violence of Faction, Collin maintains a keen sense of melody which helps define that search in each piece. Although that search may never end, through this music, hopefully, we may all come a little closer to knowing that truth which we seek.

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