Fungible Deities

Collin Sherman

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"Fungible Deities", the ninth release by New York-based musician Collin Sherman, is a continuation of the jazz-centric execution which began with 2017’s "Biologic Obligations". The pieces use jazz rhythms and free improvisation, while incorporating metallic soundscapes and ambient drones.

While the focus of "Fungible Deities" is clearly on jazz, many of the pieces eschew the common head/solos/head structure for a more fluid theme-based structure, with short refrains repeating at various points throughout each composition. Drawing, to various degrees, from New York’s Downtown avant-garde, early electronic experimentation, New Orleans collective improvisation, 1960s spiritual jazz, noise and drone music, Collin fuses disparate influences to create a coherent sound reflecting contemporary anxieties.

Since the release of his first album of ambient electronic music in 2012, Collin’s style has expanded with each release to incorporate more live instrumentation, layers of sound, and greater complexity. "Fungible Deities" represents his most stylistically focused release to date.

Instrumentation: Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Soprano Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Keyboards/Synths, Guitar, Electronics, Drum Programming.

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